Organisational Setup

The Head Office of the Corporation is situated at Shimla headed by the Managing Director who is assisted by two General Managers and four functional managers viz.: Procurement Manager, Distribution Manager, Finance Manager.The entire State has been divided into two Divisions with Headquarters at Dharamshala and Solan. Each Division is headed by a Divisional Manager, who is supervising Areas being run by an Area Manager. The Headquarters of the seven Area Managers are located at Shimla, Solan , Nahan, Dharamshala, Hamirpur, Mandi and Chamba.Procurement offices have been established at Barmana and Darlaghat from where supplies of cement to various Govt. Deptt. / Boards/ Corporations as well as for sale under PDS are being arranged. These offices are functioning under the control of Area Manager, Solan.  

Board of Directors

Sl# Name & Designation Director DIN No. Address
1 Sh. Kishan Kapoor
Honourable Minister FCS & CA

Smt. Manisha Nanda, IAS,

Additional Chief Secretary-cum-Principal Secretary to the Honourable Chief Minister, H.P.


Sh.Onkar Chand Sharma, IAS,

Principal Secretary (FCS & CA), Govt. of H.P.

Director 02695519 House Number 14, Type Five Officers Colony Kasumpti, Shimla, 171009, Himachal Pradesh, India

Sh. Prabodh Saxena, IAS,

Principal Secretary (Health & Family Welfare),

to the Govt. of H.P.

Director 06650659  
5 Dr. Shrikant Baldi, IAS, Secretary (Finance) to Hon'ble CM, Govt. of H.P. Director 01763968 Old Brockhurst No. 1, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, 171002, Himachal Pradesh, India
6 Sh. Madan Chauhan, IAS Director, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs,H.P., Shimla-171 009. Director 07490795  
7 Dr. R.N.Batta, IAS ,Registrar, Co-operative Societies, H.P. Director 07204745  
8 Dr. S.S. Guleria (IAS),Managing Director,H.P. Shimla-9 Managing Director 07490795 Set No 19, Brockhurst, Type V, Shimla, 171002, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Share Holders

Sl# Particulars No. of Shares
1 Sh. Vineet Chowdhy , IAS, Chief Secretary to the Govt. of H.P. 3

Smt. Manisha Nanda, IAS,Addistional Chief Secretary-cum-Principal Secretary to the Honourable Chief Minister, H.P

3 Dr. Shrikant Baldi, IAS, Secretary. (Finance) to the Govt. of HP. 200
4 Sh. Onkar Chand Sharma, IAS, Principal Secretary (FCS & CA), Govt. of H.P. 34937
5 Sh. Probodh Saxena, IAS, Secretary (H & FW & Ayurveda) to the Govt. of H. P. 2
6 Sh. Arun Kumar Sharma, IAS, Secretary (Education)
to the Govt. of H.P.
7 Dr. R.N.Batta, IAS, Registrar Co-operative Societies, to the Govt. of H.P. 1
8 Sh. Madan Chauhan, IAS, Director, Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs.  2
9 Dr. S.S. Guleria , IAS, Managing Director, H.P. State Civil Supplies Corpn. Ltd. 1

The process of computerisation was started in the year 1989-90 with the installation of PC-386 computer system in Head Office of the Corporation merely for word-processing job. Over the years the computerisation process has been strengthened with the installation of more systems. The list of systems installed at different locations is as follows:


Sl# Location Computer Printers UPS
1 Head Office 94 52 6
2 Divisional Offices 15 11 7
3 Area offices 112 120 18
4 Procurement Offices 6 8 5
5 Medicine Shops 56 67 40
6 LPG-Outlets 109 95 82
7 Wholesale Godowns 115 131 132
8 Retail Shops 21 19 18
9 AAKD 3 8 3
10 e_PDS 116 116 116
Total: 647 627 351

In order to achieve optimum utilisation of the systems following application softwares/ packages have been developed / purchased:

Sl# Softwares Reports
1. Stock & Sale Package State, Area-wise, District -wise, Item-wise, Outlet -wise monthly, progressive and comparison reports.
2. Payroll Pay bill, Payslips & all required schedules.
3. Govt. Supply / PDS cement Package Supply, Monitoring & Accounting reports.
4 Cement Package  
5 Tally ( Financial Accounting Software ) All the required reports available under tally.
6 Govt. Supply Medicine Package Tender Processing, Supply orders, Party/ Pending Reports.
7 EPF/EPS Package All the reports required under the Act.
8. Banking Package All the accounting reports required.
9 Fusion Software Invoicing, Inventory control, Stock Ledger & Sale Accounting.
10 Indsoft Software( LPG outlet software) All the reports required.
11 Wholesale Godown & Retail Shop application Software Transaction processing the Godown/Shop level
12 Microsoft Office (MS-word, Excel, Power Point etc.). Word processing, graphics, data
13 E-PMIS for online service record of employees
14 E-samadhan & E_PMIS for consumer grievance redressal

Commercial Vehicles

The Corporation has 30 full size trucks with 90 quintals capacity and 2 Oil Tankers, 1 Mahindra Pik-up. Although the volume of transportation work is much more, but a large part of this work is executed by hiring private trucks. As far as Corporation's commercial vehicles are concerned these are restricted only to inter-godown transfers, door deliveries and transportation of commodities to tribal/difficult belts of the Pradesh. In order to achieve profitability in this venture a monthly report highlighting the profit earned or loss incurred by a particular vehicle has been prescribed which reaches Head Office in the first week of every month. Guidelines to maximise profit and avoid loss are being sent to the field officers from time to time. Divisional level Supervisory Committees headed by the respective Divisional Managers with Area Managers and Sr. Accounts Officers concerned, as members have also been set-up to assess the efficiency and overall performance of each vehicles periodically. A representative of drivers is also associated in these Committees while deciding upon expenses and fuel / repairs etc. Area-wise detail of deployment of these 40 commercial vehicles is as under:

Sl# Area Name Heavy Medium Light Staff Car Total
1 Head Office 0 0 0 6 6
2 Shimla 3 0 1 1 5
3 Solan 3 0 0 1 4
4 Nahan 3 0 0 1 4
5 D'Shala 10 0 1 1 12
6 Hamirpur 4 0 0 1 5
7 Mandi 5 1 1 1 8
8 Chamba 3 1 0 0 4
9 DM, Solan 0 0 0 1 1
10 DM, Dharamshala 0 0 0 1 1
  TOTAL 31 2 3 14 50
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